COST AVIATION is developing a new tool to measure processes

The measurement of processes is usually cost- and time-consuming and requires a huge resource input. This starts with the layout of a check-list and ends with a time-consuming digitalisation and analyses of the measurements. Despite these efforts, measuring processes is the necessary foundation for making many decisions.

With this in mind COST AVIATION has started to develop a completely new and highly flexible, measuring tool in the last few months which allows customers to measure processes more quickly and easily. It is based on a highly flexible core, so that it is applicable in particular business situations and so that all processes at airports and related environments, e.g. sea harbours, can be analysed. Different methods of measurement are supported with one user interface. This begins with simple YES/NO decisions, continues with exact waiting-time and flow-capacity measurements, and concludes with complex process chain measurements.

The data collection occurs via mobile devices and is completely IT-supported, so that users are already supported during the data collection period. Therefore a digitalisation afterwards is not required. This tool facilitates not only better data collection but also more meaningful data leading to more well informed decisions – and all of this requires significantly less time than before.

You will find further information about COST AVIATION’s new offer on our product page Process Analysis. You are also welcome to contact us directly – we look forward to hearing from you.