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Achieving Goals with a Common Thread

Project management demands endurance and structure. Often, projects are completed and results are forgotten. A lack of clear, uniform documentation and once defined goals are out of sight, out of mind.

Project Coordination

The Product

COST AVIATION will make sure you have the endurance and structure you need – by creating a common thread and by providing an independent external perspective. Through our reviews and updates beyond the project timeline, a long-term benefit is rendered possible.

Our Approach

Our “From Aviation for Aviation” approach is our contribution to your projects’ success. We take weight off your shoulders (e.g. effective documentation) and ensure a common thread of your projects (e.g. by implementing a project board). As your practiced partner we are aware of all stakeholders and their perspectives in the aviation business and deliver you a unique, integrated project management based on our experience to reach your goals. Our consultants not only have the necessary technical expertise but also the methodological knowledge. Every consultant is certified with the reputable project management method PRINCE2®. Hence, we are able to deliver a complete and unique project support for you to achieve your goals.

Your Result

The COST AVIATION project coordination delivers you an extra gain for your projects. Via the close contact to our consultants your team is supported during all project phases and benefits from critical reviews by our aviation experts. We aim at a high degree of knowledge transfer, generating long-term value for your company.

Your Contact

Michael Gassner
Michael Gassner
Managing Consultant
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