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Learning by Playing

We transform your conference room into a complex airport world! Abiding by the motto "Learning by Playing" a unique platform is created to mediate various contents - such as Change Management and Digitalization. Include your team when making important decisions - a great start is always the successful handling of our Airport-in-a-Box!

Airport Business Game

The Game

Projects oftentimes do not fail on the quality of conduct but on the lack of acceptance of important stakeholders e.g. operative staff. Well prepared measures are not realized and a successful project completion is questionable. With our playful approach we generate a unique platform for the successful conveyance of a range of topics - an important component of success for your project.

Our Approach

In our haptic business game, 7 to 22 participants take on the tasks of various process partners of our airport world made of bricks. Different emphases are laid between the game phases of the modular concept. Gained knowledge is to be implemented in the follwoing phase respectively.

Our workshops cover the following topics:

  • Team Building
  • Digitalization
  • Customer Relations¬†
  • Ressource Planning and Efficiency
  • Process Know How
  • Change Management
Your Result

The participants of our workshop gain a profound grasp of cause-and-effect relationships and systemic thinking. Additionally, individual value added for each participant is obtained: newly employed personnel gain an insight on aviation processes, staff planners become aware of the consequences of their decisions on day-to-day operation and operative staff get an understanding for the purpose of change.

Target Group
Our customized workshops offer the perfect agenda for every occasion - whether 2-hour courses as the framework program for conferences or 2-day sessions with more profound training. Our business game is especially suitable for companies in the aviation industry but also beyond.

Your Contact

Daniel Schmidt
Daniel Schmidt
Resource Planning Consultant
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